Raising Registered Herefords since 1979 with the commercial herd in mind.


Quality Alfalfa hay is about 75% of our gross annual income.  We consistently harvest 3 cuttings with a goal of 5.5 annual tons per acre.  First and third cuttings dependably test 155-157 TDN.  This meets the requirements of top dairies in Nevada and California.  The second crop TDN depends on weather allowing us to cut at a 34 day interval following first crop. 

The cow herd enjoys aftermath grazing of Alfalfa stubble through November, December and a portion of January depending on weather.  The cow herd also enjoys damaged Alfalfa bales fed with their grass hay clippings from our irrigated pasture.  The cow and hay business truly do complement each other. 

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Lassen Fair
Lassen Fair

Lee Hutchens Herefords | Fallon, NV